満喫。自然体験Fully enjoy. Experiencesお問い合わせ-Contact information-青蓮寺湖ぶどう組合Shorenji-ko Grape Association☎ 0595-63-7000Tel: 81-595-63-7000http://www.s-budou.jp 渓谷内を幻想的に照らし出す滝のライトアップと1000本ものキャンドルナイトを新緑や紅葉、クリスマスなど季節に応じて開催しています。Illuminating the valley fantastically through lighting up the waterfalls, and candle night with 1,000 candles are held accordingly to seasonal scenary of fresh green, autumn leaves and Christmas. 忍者や修験者が修行した赤目渓谷の麓にある「忍者の森」では、本格的な忍者修行が体験できます。忍者衣装に着替え、高い壁を乗り越える「登り術」や丸太めがけて打つ「手裏剣術」敵の放つ手裏剣を避ける修行はVRを使った修行です、夏季に行う清流を渡る水ぐもの術は最難関の修行の一つです、意外に難しい修行は大人も子供も夢中になってしまいます。At the "Ninja-no-mori" located at the foot of Akame Valley where ninja and shugenja used to train themselves, you can experience real ninja training. Through wearing ninja consume and using VR, you will receive ninja training including "climbing technique" to get over a high wall, "Shuriken (ninja stars) technique" to throw at a log and technique to avoid enemy's shurikens. In summer, mizugumo technique to cross a clear stream is one of the hardest training. Unexpectedly difficult training makes both adults and children absorbed.時間 ■ 午前10時30分〜、午後1時30分〜 ※いずれも90分程度休日 ■ 12月28日〜1月2日、1月3日〜3月2週目の期間毎水曜日(祝日は除く)料金 ■ 大人3,000円、中学生以下2,700円、小学生未満2,200円Time and duration ■ from 10:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. approximately 90 minutes each. Closed ■ from December 28 to January 2/ on every Wednesday from January 3 to the second week of March.(except public holidays.) Fees ■ Adults: 3,000 yen, Elementary and junior high school students: 2,700 yen, Preschool children: 2,200 yen 赤目四十八滝周辺の大自然を舞台にしたエコツアーを季節に応じて開催しています。春は、山菜取りや里山を歩く「山菜摘みECOツアー」、初夏から秋までは、「滝に打たれて自分をみがくECOツアー」、夏休みには「ちびっこわくわく体験ECOツアー」、秋は「絶景パノラマ紅葉ハイキング」、冬は「大日滝氷瀑ツアー」など、多彩なツアーで子どもから大人まで楽しめます。 Ecotour in the nature around the Akame 48 Waterfalls is organized seasonally. There are various tours available for children to adults; "Edible wild plants picking ecotour" in spring, "Standing under a waterfall and making yourself grow ecotour" through early summer to autumn, "Kids' exciting experience ecotour" during the summer vacation, "Autumn leaves hiking with panoramic breathtaking view" in autumn and "Dainichi-daki ice fall tour" in winter. 【お申し込み・お問い合わせ】 赤目四十八滝エコツアーデスク☎ 0595-64-2695 HP ■ http://www.akame48taki.com/【 For application and inquiry 】 Akame-shijuhachi-taki Ecotours DeskTel: 81-595-64-2695 (You can also apply from the homepage.) 清流にしか生息しない希少なサンショウウオなどの個性的な姿や生態をじっくり観察することができます。赤目生まれのオオサンショウウオをはじめ、8種約50匹のサンショウウオを展示しています。※入館料は入山料に含まれます。Unique appearance and habits of rare salamander that only inhabits in a clear stream can be observed slowly and carefully. Approximately 50 salamanders of eight species including the giant salamander born in Akame are displayed. ※Admission fee is included in the entrance fee (for Akame-shijuhachi-taki). Facility for seasonal taste-hunting experience by the Lake Shorenji.Through January to May picking for sweet juicy strawberries is available, and from July to October grape picking is in season. For grape picking, you can bring food and beverages in. You can relax and make yourself comfortable. 【Grape picking】 Available period ■ From July 20 to October 31 Opening hours ■ From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Always open during the above period. 【Strawberry picking】 Available period ■ From January 3 to May 31 Opening hours ■ From 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Always open during the above period.6青蓮寺湖観光村Shorenji-ko Kanko-mura (Lake Shorenji Tourist Village) 青蓮寺湖のほとりにある味覚狩り体験施設。1月〜5月は甘くてジューシーないちご狩り、7月〜10月はぶどう狩りのシーズン。ぶどう狩りは食べ物・飲み物の持ち込みOK。のんびりとくつろげます。 【ぶどう狩り】 期間 ■ 7月20日〜10月31日 時間 ■ 午前9時30分〜午後5時(期間中無休) 【いちご狩り】 期間 ■ 1月3日〜5月31日 時間 ■ 午前9時30分〜午後4時(期間中無休)ライトアップ&キャンドルナイトIllumination & Candle Night忍者修行体験 忍者の森Ninja training experience Ninja-no-mori赤目渓谷エコツアーAkame Valley Ecotour日本サンショウウオセンター(赤目四十八滝入山口)Nihon Sansho-uo (salamander) Center(Akame-shijuhachi-taki Nyuzan-guchi)in a naturalenvironment.

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